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Grüß Gott! Since the beginning of this year we're working on a comedic science fiction horror short film along with  
Agentur Magmell and Heklau 3D. In Swabian dialect!

In addition to co-working on the story and the book, we're particularly responsible for the film score and the sound design.  

Hence, you can watch the official teaser on Youtube and if you like, you can follow the project on the website or on the official Facebook page.

Music for Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic has launched a brandnew campaign for their 90th birthday: GENERATION AUDIO. For this purpose our partner Agency Magmell has produced the corresponding film and for both musical and narrative realization they relied on our experience and competences. The advert has already had its world premiere in January at the International CES in Las Vegas. The European campaign was launched in March at the Pro Light & Sound 2014 in Frankfurt/Main.

You can watch the full ad on Youtube.

The WÜRTH-Experience

Würth understands their clients. That's the message of the latest TV advert. But they also want the English-speaking clients to understand Würth. That's why we were assigned to dub the German advert in English.

You can enjoy the 1,5 minute advert in our video area "SEE" under the title of "The Würth Experience".

We want to thank the companies Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG and Aron Mediendesign for their trust in the LAB.

  • Film Dubbing
  • Film Scoring
  • Sound Design
»Drawing is speaking to the eye,
talking is painting to the ear.« Joseph Joubert

Film dubbing is a fine art! It consists on the one hand of the accuracy of visual lip movements and on the other hand of the conscious adaptation of the original content into the German language.

Film dubbing is also a very popular art form! Although it might often be seen as a »post-creative process« or an so-called »after art« (as an art form subordinate to the theatrical arts), it is actually among the most consumed art forms in the German speaking world - subliminally consumed!

To summarise in Joubert’s words: we sketch melodic language onto actors’ lips. Just have a look on our featured examples or allow us instead to provide you directly with a quote for your film project.

»Music expresses that which cannot be put into words
and that which cannot remain silent.« Victor Hugo

A film without music is like a murder without drama, like a fight without fear or quite simply a love without those butterflies in the tummy. While a film may depict the essential elements, only the soundtrack can provide sensitive access to the emotions.

Whether it be a motion picture, documentary film or commerce/industry promotional video; enrichen your film production with a decent helping of emotion. An effective attention to emotion equals a more successful end product.

Studio equipment (100% digital)

  • 96kHz/24bit sound recording
  • Neumann, Beyerdynamic and Rhode microphones
  • Up to 5.1-surround sound mix
  • PAL-DVD / BluRay / FullHD
  • Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo software
»Darkness is no mere absence of light
and silence is no mere lack of sound.« Nicolás Gómez Davila

Sound design is not just the supplementation of sound to visualisations! Good sound design is often one of the most intense dramaturgical forms of expression in a film.

To this end, it is not rare for sound designers and composers to be at loggerheads over the most appropriate sound (read: acoustic arrangement).

We can make your film crackle, fizz, erupt, twitter, patter and all manner of other things - in surround sound too, naturally.

So you want to hear the kind of things we produce

We are happy to send audio samples of dubbing, voice-over or promotional productions to prospective customers. Contact us either directly or under the following link.

See our sound working! Aaand "Action!"

FEATURE FILM (Cinema, Bluray, DVD)

  • A Happy Man
    Dubbing // © Marketing Film
  • The House of the Laughing Windows (1976)
    Dubbing // © cmv-laservision
  • Kandahar - Survive & Return
    Dubbing // © Marketing Film
  • Meteor Apocalypse
    Dubbing // © Great Movies


  • Laramie (1959)
    Dubbing // © Pidax Film
  • The Matthew Shepard Story
    Dubbing // © cmv-laservision
  • Opal Dream
    Dubbing // © BBC / cmv-laservision


  • BARAKA - A Closer Look
    Voice Over // © Busch Media Group
  • BLUE GOLD - The war of the future
    Voice Over // © cmv-laservision

Adverts, Industry and Image

  • Barco ClickShare
    Voice Over // © Werbeagentur Hettenbach GmbH & Co. KG
  • beyerdynamic - Generation Audio
    Music Production // © Agentur Magmell
  • German Library Association
    Music Production // © Agentur Magmell
  • DHBW Heilbronn University
    Sound Design + Voice Recording // © Agentur Magmell
  • GGS viral spot
    Set Recording + Voice Recording // © German Graduate School
  • Initiative NAWI - the 4 great crises
    Sound Design + Voice Recording // © Initiative NaWi
  • Image "Angekommen"
    Music Production + Sound Design // © Agentur Magmell
  • "Promedent" cinema advert (dentist)
    Music Production + Sound Design // © Agentur Magmell
  • TV advert "The Würth Experience"
    English Dubbing // © Adolf Würth GmbH
  • Web series "30-9"
    Off-Voice + Set-Recording // © Agentur Magmell
  • Image for App "Zeitfenster" (time window)
    Music Production + Voice Recording // © Zeitfenster GbR


  • "SCHWABEN vs. ALIENS" - Teaser
    (Director: Andreas Kröneck)

    Film score / sound design // © www.schwaben-vs-aliens.de
  • "Heilbronn - Schau genau hin" - Short film
    (Director: Andreas Kröneck)
    Film Music / Mixing //  © Stadt Heilbronn
  •   more following soon.


  • "SOLO" (Director: Julian Weiß)
    Spanish Dubbing // © Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
  • "Schweben wie Schmetterlinge... (Trailer)" (Regie: Jana Bürgelin)
    Music composing // © Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
  • "Woodcock" (Regie: Stephan Strube)
    Mixing & Mastering // © Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

This listing merely represents a selection of our clients.

We are happy to send audio samples of dubbing, voice-over or promotional productions to prospective customers. Contact us either directly or under the following link.

We have supported the following companies in their sound endeavours

This listing merely represents a selection of our clients.

We are happy to send audio samples of dubbing, voice-over or promotional productions to prospective customers. Contact us either directly or under the following link.

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